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This is a photograph of my stepfather Robert R. Corn (co-pilot) and a crew. He is the third from the left in the back row. (Corn was co-pilot of "Rau Dee Dau" - See Life, Page 34. (Webmaster Note: B-24D with early nose markings)

Courtesy Randy Kirk

Top row left to right: Pilot Emil Laszewski, Co-pilot Howard Hartman, Engineer George Dancisak, Navigator Milton Halberstadt, Bombardier Edward Bonham. Bottom row left to right: Tail gunner Edward Thompson, Radio operator Samuel Fischler, Nose gunner Edward Dement, Ball turret gunner Frederick Abner. Top turret gunner Reinaldo Garza.

The airplane was a B-24H, tail number 42-52292. The tail number indicates that the plane was built in the Ford factory in Willow Run, Michigan during 1942. The crew named the aircraft Boojum at Milton Halbetstadt's suggestion, from the Lewis Carrol story "Hunting of the Snark." Anyone in the Carrol story who looked upon the mythical monster Boojum evaporated.

The members of this crew were separated on April 3, 1944 during group mission #25 to Budapest, Hungary. The plane they were on, "The Texas Ranger" 42-52177, took a flak hit in the nose which severely injured the navigator and took out engine #2. The plane lost altitude until six members of the crew had bailed out over Mostar, Yugoslavia. After the sixth man jumped, the plane started gaining altitude and was able to limp back to Italy. The six crewmen who bailed out were captured and placed in POW camps in Germany. Four crewmen were able to stay on the plane and complete their assigned number of missions. The entire crew made it home after the war, with the exception of Reinaldo C. Garza who was killed in action on a mission with another crew.

Follow this link, Boojum, to a personal web page dedicated to the crew and many photos of the crew members.

Courtesy David Abner

This group picture was taken at Walla Walla, Washington Army Air Field. Front row from left to right are pilot, co-pilot, Clymer Marlay Noble, Jr. navigator, and the bombardier. No other crew names known.

Cadet Clymer Marlay Noble, Jr.

Clymer M. Noble, Jr., upon earning flying commission at Selman Field, Louisiana, 1944.

Above three photos courtesy Josh Hammit

747th Squadron: William F. Weber, second from right back row. No other info available.

Above photo courtesy John Weber

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